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Fabulous Foodie Connections

Adrienne at Gastroanthropology passed along the Fabulous Blog Award to me.  She made my Friday!  I have to say, when I saw that I had to identify 5 great bloggers and 5 addictions, I knew I was in trouble – restraint was never my strong suit.

Here’s my list of 5 Fabulous Blogs – it is with great honor that I pass the torch.


World Foodie Guide – a guide to traveleating (my favorite activity)

Gherkins Tomatoes  – I have an educational encounter every time I check out this site. 

Behind the Recipe – Jeri Quinzio is a freelance food history writer with an interesting perspective on food and recipes.  She is also a published author on a subject near to my heart – ice cream!

 The Old Foodie always provides insights about food that I never considered.

 Zoe Bakes is what I’d like to think I could be if I could bake – Ha!  Not even close, but a girl can dream.  The recipes she showcases look wonderful.  I also felt a connection as she is from Minnesota, the land of my youth, and I have a good idea of what she is going through in January.

You may be wondering, based upon my selections if I ever have time to get anything else done other than catch up on posts.  I’m still trying to figure that out.  I feel I am make progress, but it could be faster.  But along the way, you have to do what you enjoy, and for me that is reading food blogs.   

My 5 Addictions

1.  Coffee – I know, I wanted to be more original but truth won out.  My day does not start until I have my first sip, and my eyes only start to open when I get the first whiff.  I’ve started adding a bit of cardamon when I grind the beans – so I’ll be specific, my coffee addiction applies to coffee made with freshly ground beans with a bit of cardamon thrown in at the grinding.  The cardamon is a delicious addition.  I’m not a flavored coffee drinker, but this combination works for me.

2. Banh mi – I can not get enough of these wonderful sandwiches.  If I was already developing 2 businesses, I’d work on a business plan to have banh mi spots in every airport, and that would be just for starters.  Sandwich perfection has a name and it is banh mi, the folks at  Battle of the Bahn Mi think so too. 

Tongue tingling fabulousness (photo from The Battle of the Bahn Mi blog)

Tongue tingling fabulousness (photo from The Battle of the Bahn Mi blog)

3. Travel –  To me each trip is an education.  I learn so much about a place, its people, history and culture when I travel.  I love the experience, after a trip, when I encounter something I experience in my travels that is not common knowledge.  But I know about it because I had been to the country in question – its like my own little secret.  Case in point, I got a business email where the author was making a point related to marketing and used this photo:

Singapore Soda

Singapore Soda

The photo would have had a different significance to me if I had not gone to Singapore last May and tried the Whatever soda (a local brand, to my knowledge only found in Singapore)  I love those experiences – they make life fuller!  Also, half the fun comes in preparing for the trip – studying up on the country, what to see, which places to visit, and lets be honest – where and what to eat.  I cannot separate the two activities eating and traveling

4.  Food magazines – I subscribe to Bon Appetite, Food & Wine, Saveur, Gourmet, and that is all I will fess up to.

5.  Cookbooks – At last count, I am well into the triple digits and I am only counting books that contain recipes.  I also have an embarrassing large collection of food history and culture books.



  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful blogs…my bookmarks are out of control! And I share ALL of your addictions.

  2. I sympathize because you know the kind of trouble I’m in =)

  3. I’ve thanked you on my blog but not on yours, so thank you again for adding me to your list of five. I’m very flattered! And I look forward to going through your blog in more detail, reading and getting hungry (always the sign of a great food blog!)

  4. My pleasure, and I’m glad to return the favor, because I always feel the need for a snack after reading your latest postings. In fact, I’d better head to the fridge before I check out what you wrote on your site. 8)

  5. Thank you so much, what a terrific honor to be among this list of fabulous websites! 🙂

    Happy Baking!! Zoë

  6. My pleasure, I learn so much checking out your site, and I have the lofty goal of someday having baked goods that look like yours.

  7. I also thank you, and will be passing the torch tomorrow to other worthy food bloggers.


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