Posted by: oysterculture | January 19, 2009

Are We Sick?

Morning Coffee pic from (

Morning coffee pic from

It is 7 am and I’ve consumed my first cup of coffee, so my eyes are cracking open when I read this article   Huh?  What the heck?  Well at least it’s benign.

Talk about sucking the fun out of life – next they’ll say similar abnormalities apply to travel lovers, and I’ll really be in trouble.  (A gourmand traveler is a lost cause)  I say if this is a sickness, may we all be sick, because my life is certainly richer as a result.  I’m off to make some toast with my Arizmendi’s sourdough baguette, add a little triple cream cheese from Cowgirl Creamery, top it off with my Cabernet Sauvignon jam and get back to business.

Happy Monday!



  1. Ahhh! How you tease me by talking about Arizmendi! I’ve gotten pizzas for birthday presents from Arizmendi – that’s how much I love it! I can sort of ignore the wonders of cowgirl b/c I am tempted by many cheeses on this side of the Atlantic, but Arizmendi vs. pizza from Italy – I can make a serious case for Arizmendi. It’s the special SF water that makes that sourdough so unique and delicious (that’s what my grandmother always said – she lived on the East Coast and always demanded we send her packages of SF sourdough bread).

  2. I know, what’s a girl to do when she has Neals’ Yard in her back yard. But Arizmendi’s is dear to my heart, too! When I moved back to DC, I dreamed about that place, the only thing that kepy my sanity was that I have the Cheeseboard Cookbook, which has a lot of the recipes. We live in the Richmond, and plan our runs so we end up at Arizemendi’s – is that bad? Unfortunately we usually arrive too early for a slice of pizza, so we have to make do with a variety of baked goods – I think their brioche is the best in the World!!! We’ve discovered the focaccia which is almost like the pizza. Did you know they now sell the pizza dough?

  3. I, too, am sick clearly, and all this talk of SF sourdough is making me, well, I can’t quite call it homesick, because I only lived in SF for a couple of years, so maybe the correct term is SF-sick (though that sounds wrong!). Lets just say I haven’t had sourdough to beat it and would love to be tucking into some right now!

  4. I know exactly the illness of which you speak, I call it sourdough withdrawl. When I was little I loved when my dad had business trips that took him to San Francisco becasue I knew he would return with a loaf or two in his luggage and I loved the bread toasted with melted butter and honey. When it was gone, I was sad. I’ve eaten sourdough all over the place, and to Gastroanthropologist’s point, it just does not taste the same.

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