Posted by: oysterculture | March 3, 2009

How’s this for Soul Food?

United States Capital

United States Capital

 You know the place, where, this guy shows up to work (this is an Obama doll I found on a Japanese website (shh – he also fights Darth Vader, but I digress):
The Obama doll

The Obama doll

Someone just sent me this link, and I had to share!  A Catholic priest, Rev. Leo Patalinghug, in Washington, DC has cooking classes in conjunction with mass.  PBS wants to have him host a show, and the Food Network apparently is considering a tie in as well.  Growing up in Minnesota, I can say with certaintly, that church was never like this.  His website is called, Grace Before Meals, and it is also the name of his first cookbook.  He grew up in Baltimore in a food loving Filipino family, and apparently never looked back.  In addition to his skills in the kitchen, apparently he’s a mean break dancer having won awards.


He promotes families eating more meals together,  and has developed a fair following, with many attributing his words (and possibly recipes) to strengthening their family ties.  The blog portion of the site has some delicious sounding recipes as well.

I love uplifting stories, and this one certainly fit the bill – a cook who helps keep families together by making meals special.  San Franciso is cold, wet and dreary today,  and this story was a good pick-me-up.



  1. How interesting! Thanks for this information. Perhaps I can get away from family duties one day, ride downtown, and check this out in person.

  2. My mother goes to a Korean Church and the best part of the service is when the whole congregation eats lunch together after the service. It’s not a formal cooking class but the “younger” women learn from the “older” women as most of the food is cooked on site.

  3. Interesting. Nice to hear good news like this once in a while!

  4. Ha! I’m sending this to my friend in DC. Being a good Catholic girl (and a Democrat), I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to hear about this guy.

  5. I’d be curious to see what she says. I moved from DC to SF just over a year ago, and had to travel back frequently for work, and I had not heard of him.

  6. I agree, which is why I felt compelled to share when I saw the article

  7. When we went to church as kids the highlight was most definitely donut Sundays. I’d like to say it was more spiritual, but I think it was the fact that they left the doors open from the hall kitchen where the donuts were cooking to the church so that by the time mass was finished, all I could think about was donuts.

  8. If you go, let me know!

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