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Food blogging and making virtual friends the real deal

Just a little view on my morning run

Just a little view on my morning run

One of the things I love most about food is that its appreciation goes beyond culture or geographical boundaries unlike, say NASCAR or yodeling.  I reguarily connect with people who live several time zones away as we share our passion of food and culture.  Phyllis at Me HUNGRY was kind enough to pass along the Sisterhood award, letting me know she liked what I produced in my posts.  A suggested action of the recipient is to identy other blogs they enjoy so others might learn of some new sites.

Thanks Phyllis!

Thanks Phyllis!

I love passing along wonderful finds so, here is a list of some relatively recent discoveries.  These bloggers focus on the food scene in my adopted town – San Francisco and surrounding area.  My transition into the food scene was certainly aided by what I gleaned from their posts.  I am confident you will find much of interest as well – even if you are not in the Bay Area.

Food Gal – Food Writer, Carolyn Jung writes about food and wine discoveries in the Bay Area and beyond.  I love what she writes and half the time I find myself wishing I was perched on a stool or hovering in the background as she writes her reviews or works her magic.  I’ll repeat my offer, if her husband is ever tied up – long bike ride, whatever and she needs someone to hold her pencil at these food events, I’m there to lend support. 

 Joanne Weir – Joanne is a chef, cooking instructor, and cookbook writer extraordinaire, and, oh yeah – she has her own TV show.  Several of her cookbooks are prominently displayed on my  cookbook shelf.    They are readily identifiable because of the worn edges and food stains, and comments on the recipes – I use them – a lot!  I know I can make any recipe in her books and it will be spectacular, if not – user error has got to be the issue.  She started her career at Chez Panisse, a Bay Area restaurant institution (Alice Waters, anyone?).  Her blog is a bit of everything: musings, culinary happenings, her work, and some wonderful new recipes.  I’ve also had the good fortune to take a few of her classes.

Cooking with Amy– A Bay Area food blogger and writer (she has her own cookbook) that unearths more reasons for me to find excuses to dash out and investigate yet another Bay Area culinary gem.  Following Amy’s blog allows me insights into other aspects of the Bay Area food scene. 

Beurre Monte–  This blog dishes on food and restaurants, its random musings are a toss up.  You never know what to expect, which is the fun of stopping by. 

Kitchen M– A great Bay Area blogger that provides many delicious and diverse dishes to try.  Made all the more tempting by the wonderful photography that accompanies the recipes.

One Bite at a Time– A wonderful read and the photography is phenomenal.  Isabelle has an exhibit coming up in a favorite boulangerie of mine, that I cannot wait to check out.  Isabelle’s blog was also a write in on the list of 50 best blogs the Independent featured a while back.

Lick My Spoon – Stephanie sometimes ventures farther afield, but I love learning that she has passed through my ‘hood and gave it a nod of approval, making sure that the world knows what a true culinary mecca this town is. 

Dandy Sugar– This blog is chock full of tempting recipes accompanied by some equally yummy looking photos, which I know will get me in trouble.  However I am powerless to resist the draw to this site.  I kept this blog here, even though technically DS has moved to LA, I still enjoy her work and want to recognize her efforts.

TableHopper – while not strictly a blog, Marcia’s weekly e-column is a source of information on the happenings in the restaurant and food scene is fantastic!  I feel like I have peered behind the curtain, and am indeed in the know.  

Other great Bay Area Resources:

Bay Area Bites– The blog is through KQED, and is the rants and raves of Bay Area Foodies and Professionals.  A thoroughly fun read! 

 71 Miles – if you feel compelled to take a day trip around the Bay Area have I got a site for you.  This is one great resource.

view of Marin through the Bridge (Ft. Baker)

view of Marin through the Bridge (Ft. Baker)

The Bay Area, in its wonderful bountifulness, has some famous food bloggers: Becks and Posh, Chez Pim, 101 Cookbooks.  This place is not short on people passionate about food, which has made my transition so much easier, and my running so much harder.

Phyllis’ action got me thinking – we’ve connected through our love of food and we’ve never met, but yet, I look forward to her posts – my mid week hump day would not be the same without “Weird Wednesdays”.  I often found myself wishing I could meet my new found virtual friends in person – go beyond the virtual connection to a physicial one.  I am always grateful when people contribute comments to my blog, hear what I have to say, and develop a real dialog about something I am passionate about.  For those of you that went out of your way to secure a WordPress account to add comments – thank you – I am touched, and love that we share common interests that allow us to connect even though we are literally worlds apart.  For the record, I had no idea that WordPress made it so difficult. 

Back to my desire to connect with my newfound virtual blogging friends.  I  was lucky enough to do just that.  Adrienne of  Gastroanthropology had mentioned she was coming back to her Bay Area home and suggested we hook up for lunch.  I was thrilled with that suggestion as I enjoy Adrienne’s posts and understand and share her passion of food sustainability. 

I was prepped to show you what a worthy food blogger Iwas – I recharged the batteries on my camera, had a note book for comments on our meal.  None of these tools of the trade ever emerged from my cavernous purse.  Adrienne and I started talking and it took off from there.  We enjoyed a nice leisurely meal, compared notes on dining in San Francisco and London and had an ideal foodie food feast.  Game over – there was a whole lot of  food conversation going on, and then unfoturnately, like all good things it had to end.  She had to prepare for her next dining adventure at Zuni’s, I believe, and for me it was back to the computer.

Starting this blog has opened up a new world for me, its allowed me to connect with people of different backgrounds and cultures and share a common love of food and learning, and best of all I feel I made some new friends in the process.



  1. oysterculture,

    I got warm fuzzies reading this. Thanks for your kind words and for sharing all your new blog discoveries – I look forward to checking them out.

    As a new blogger, your friendship and encouraging comments have kept me going. I look forward to every one of your amazing well- researched posts (though I follow several blogs, yours is the only one that I’ve signed up to receive email alerts whenever you publish!) I’m so grateful to have found such a great friend through foodbuzz.

    I remember the very first post I read from your blog – “Knorr, the brand found around the world.” I knew we were kindred spirits as soon as I saw that photo of Ikan Bilis boullion. Who else but me has something like that in their pantry?!

    So keep a seat warm for me in San Francisco. When I finally make it over there, I’m looking you up! And you know who to call if you ever make it over to the Tri-state area!

    Gotta run. Almost forgot about Weird Food Wednesdays!

    Phyllis 🙂

  2. It’s amazing that so many people appreciate food. I miss SF and all it has to offer. It’s such cultural hot spot of deliciousness.

  3. Phyllis, the seat is ready and waiting. Give me notice, and I’ll plan a dining extravaganza.

  4. Bread + Butter – Couldn’t agree more!

  5. How sweet!! You totally made my day!
    Thanks! 🙂

  6. Hey there oysterculture!

    This is really, really sweet! You’ve made my whole week!! Just want to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and reading your posts. Always interesting, original and unique. And…you’re in the SF Bay- the most beautiful and amazing city. ( At least, I think it is…=)

    Thanks again for the lovely words! Cheers!

  7. Thanks for the kind words, LouAnn! I’m flattered 🙂

    totally could not agree more about the amazing community of food bloggers we have at our fingertips, and wanted to turn virtual friends into real friends!

    i’m all about logging off for a few hours to spend some face time 🙂

    hope you can make it to Spooning with Strangers!

    xo steph

  8. Thanks for highlighting these other blogs! Now we can poke around more.

  9. Ah, I’ve had so much trouble logging onto my Word Press account that I finally just started a new one so I could post here! (I’ve tried posting to your blog several times but to no avail…until now!) I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the blogging community, and I think it’s wonderful that you and Adrienne were able to meet together for lunch after getting to know each other through your respective websites. I’ve only been blogging for a few months, but I’m constantly amazed by the kindness, generosity, and passion people bring to discussions about food and culture. Congrats on the award, and thanks for sharing all these other great websites!

  10. Kitchen M – My pleasure – hear you are going to be at Stephanie’s event – look forward to meeting you in person.

  11. Hi Sapuche,

    Thanks so much for taking the time and dealing with the hassle of getting a new WordPress account. I had no idea it was an issue until Tangled Noodle first brought it to my attention. I am so glad that you’ll be adding comments to my site. I’ve always enjoyed what you have to say, and will let you know one of your recent posts is an inspiration for an upcoming one of mine (you’ll get full credit). I look forward to the upcoming dialog.

  12. Hi DuoDishes, you may not thank me, they are packed full of information and you’ll get so absorbed you’ll be distracted from your own wonderful blog.

  13. What a wonderful post! It’s wonderful to make friends through the blogging world!

  14. I certainly agree. Being in communication with people far away from us thanks to our blogs are great! Every time I learn something very different from our culture and foods by reading these blogs. Thank you for giving us the chance of discovering these blogs.

  15. Zerrin, my pleasure I certainly learn so much about Turkish food and culture by reading what you share through your recipes.

  16. Oyster – I so enjoyed our lunch! It was so nice to connect and share a meal with a the real person behind the blog and one that is passionate about the same things!

    I had a camera and my notebook in my purse too – hence the giant purse…

    Having lunch with you was like catching up with an old friend even though we just met. We were practically finishing each other’s sentences…

    San Francisco – what a wonderful place – I can’t wait to move back!!!

    Looking forward to our next meet!

  17. Adrienne, I am certainly looking forward to our next culinary adventure, I’ll be scouting out suitable location. 🙂

  18. Well, if this isn’t a timely post. Looks like I will be all the way over in SF next month – I’ll be checking out those Bay Area blogs and perhaps we can do lunch too? Will be in touch 🙂

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