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Friendship Day

Friends_award_with_heartLast month, Jenn at Breadplusbutter kindly recognized me with a friendship award.  I wracked my brain to come up with someway to creatively insert this recognition and show that I really deserved it, I lost count of the times I stopped started, deleted my way through a multitude of ideas.  Then it hit me, duh – its about friendship – nothing could be simpler.  In Jenn’s case, she is a relatively new, blogger, but if measured in blog years (number of posts), she would now be a distant ancestor of mine.  She is wonderfully creative and generously shares her ideas; something I aspire to.

I think I struggled with this post is that the rules are about recognizing blogs thats show friendship and paying it forward, but when I think of friendship its looking back and actions and words.  In which case, I would share this award with everyone who takes the time to read my blog, and believe me I appreciate that, as I have written some doozies.  I also am grateful for everyone who makes this more of a dialog by responding and offering ideas and suggestions, to me that is what makes this medium so rich.  I look forward to the responses and the ideas that come from gaining new perspective.  I started this blog to write about topics that interest me, and hoped to find others share the same curiosity.  I consider it a gift, because I now have a ready made excuse for all my research “that it is for my blog”.  I’ve also developed some real friendships and made some virtual friendships real.

Along with the award comes the following description:

“These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated.”

It also says : “Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers…”

I am always excited to discover so many people who love food, travel and culture as much as me.  So given the intent of this award to propagate friendships, I want to raise awareness to these bloggers: 

Zerrin at Giverecipe has an incredible site devoted to Turkish food.  I feel like I am taking a master’s class in Turkish food and culture when I visit her site.  She has it set up by food types, posts helpful hints, and includes great little cartoons that shed light on cultural aspects of Turkey and some of the reasons it is unique.

Yukari at Tokyo Station – Japanese Food – Food Lover’s guide to Tokyo.  Japanese food by a wife of a Tsukiji. fishmonger.  Let me just say that the photos and the write-ups have me frequently checking airfares to get me back to Japan.  Let’s just say, she’s no slouch in the kitchen:   Yukari trained as a baker and chef at the French Culinary Institute and as a sommelier with the American Sommelier Association.  She is a food and travel writer based in Tokyo and New York City.  Her first book, “Food Sake Tokyo” will be published the spring of 2010.

Manu at toutd1formage is a cheese lover in Paris, and frankly who would not want that enviable role.  The blog is in French but its easy to switch to English or other language for further exploration.  I like to practice my French so keeping the blog in its native language is half the appeal for me.

Foodilicious Malaysia shares some incredible recipes from her country, along with wonderful ideas and encouragement.  I am tempted every time I stop by.

Kate at Dirt Cake has an incredibly beautiful blog full of color, flavor and inspiration.   Given her calling as a pastry cook you might guess the concentration on her blog.

Steven at The Warmest Room in the House has a great blog and book that has garnered considerable recognition, called The Warmest Room in the House  (you were expecting something different maybe?  ;))  I’ve only recently discovered the blog, after posting a comment on a recipe, Steven was quick to come back with suggestions on further improving the dish.  

Kim at OrdinaryRecipesMadeGourmet has a way of digging up all the recipes of my youth, or should have been by the looks of them.  A recent posting of chicken fried steak has a lot of fond memories for me, and was a wonderful tribute.  She generously shares the recipes of her kitchen and that of her mothers.

Andrea at RunnerBeans is a relative new comer to blogging, but her stories of adventures around San Francisco, growing a vegetable garden and discovering wonderful new recipes strike home are well worth a read.  

Friendship Day:

In honor of this blog, I thought wouldn’t it be cool if there was a Friendship Day, and promptly googled “international friendship day”.   To my astonishment such a day exists, and is apparently adopted in several countries, but specifically mentioned in India and the US.  I confess I never heard of Friendship Day in the US; could this be the one holiday that Hallmark overlooked?

In the US, this celebration has been going on since 1935, and is celebrated on the first Sunday in August (I’ve been very remiss).  One website claims, and I’m thinking some serious exaggeration is going on:

“People in US celebrate this occasion in a very colossal way. The spirit of celebrating this day is prominent in youngsters as well as the elders. They find it an opportunity to thank their friend for their selfless support and care. The spirit of celebration seems to dominate the entire city. People are busy finding gifts for their closest chums, just to convey the warmth of their heart to their friends

Most of the people love to visit their habitual hangouts and plan a special dinner or lunch with their friend. The restaurants are well decorated and offer special delicacies on the occasion. The confectioners and bakeries find it a special festival to display all the varieties available. Markets also adopt the theme of friendship. They are flooded with Friendship Day cards, toys and chocolates. The choice of celebrating varies from person to person. The entire country participates in the race of celebrating the day. The atmosphere it creates and provides is perfect one to sing the glory of true friendship.”

I have no idea where the author is referring to in the US, because I have never seen anything like what is described here.  Not that it is not a good idea, just that it has not caught on yet.  


Winnie the Pooh (photo from

Winnie the Pooh (photo from

Just a random point of trivia, in 1997, the United Nations named Winnie the Pooh as the World’s Ambassador of Friendship.


Apparently, friendship holidays, abound all with prescribed dates.
National Friendship Day is on the first Sunday in August
Women’s Friendship Day is on the third Sunday in September
International Friendship Month is February 
Old Friends, New Friends Week is the third week of May


So I’m either early or late , but Happy Friendship Day!



  1. Thank you for the kind words. I love reading your blog and discovering the unknowns of the food world. =)

  2. A well deserved award and you’ve provided yet another great collection of blogs to peruse. I may never leave the house at this rate 🙂

  3. A cute, chubby little bear who loves honey — there could be no better symbol for friendship. 🙂

  4. Aw You are so sweet to share this award with me. Since I started my blog I’ve made some really valuable friends all around the world, which is something new to me. Before that I didn’t have any idea on making such friends on the net. I had always some prejudice on internet friendships. But I completely changed my mind. There are several precious food bloggers outside. And I’d like to thank you for being my friend, I learn a lot about food and different cultures from you.

  5. Foodgal – I agree!

  6. Thank you for including me on your friendship post. 🙂 Your comments have been very encouraging to me as I struggle to get my blog off the ground, and I admire the way you reach out to other bloggers.

  7. You are indeed so sweet and I sure do appreciate the compliments, I have met some wonderful foodie people too and you guys are what keeps me blogging because it’s so nice to know that what I write about, others comment and are interested too! You keep up the good work and I’m following you now too! 😀

  8. You are so deserving of this award. Your blog is all about friendship, discovery, and sharing. You were one of the 1st people to befriend me on foodbuzz and I consider you one of my best blogging buddies!

  9. Phyllis – Awe… you are so sweet, thanks!

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