About me

I’m a food loving, travel junky.  I grew up in the heartland of the United States and now live in San Francisco.  As long as I can remember, I’ve loved to cook and eat.  Starting at age nine, I borrowed old copies of Bon Appetit from my neighbor to attempt to recreate the wonderful and exotic recipes found within.  Looking back, my family was very tolerant and accepting, because I definitely produced some less than stellar dishes, one in particular even had the dog turning up his nose.

My husband is a sports enthusist, and we’ve successfully combined our passions on trips, such as a recent one to France, where I got to sample the food and culture and we both enjoyed the Tour de France.  I am gradually teaching him to appreciate the food and experiences, just as he is expanding my knowledge of sports.

I grew up believing there was so much more outside the cornfields of the midwest, and was lucky to be able to explore.  My work has taken me throughout the US and Europe, and personal travels to points beyond.  I’ve noticed that the more globalized we become, our exposure to food and culture increases, but the signifigance gets lost in our hurry to try the next experience.  I find learning about the culture of a place and preparing for the trip is half the fun, and makes for a richer adventure.  Meeting people from diverse cultures and understanding their perspective is eye opening.

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